There is No Neutral

Given that a lot of you are now making goals and new years resolutions for 2010, I thought I’d give you something to think about in that regard. To me, there are very few things in this life that are intended to be set to neutral. Cars have a neutral gear and I guess that can be of value although we usually just go forward or backwards. Some countries are neutral during war, but I’ve never been clear about what

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To-Do or To-Be; — that is the question.

One of my college bound, wide eyed 18 year old daughters said she recently got some advise from a lady she really admires. The advise was to make a list of things to do in the main areas of life while in college….social, physical, emotional, financial, studies, call home on Sunday nights and something else important that I can’t think of (but you get the idea). Lists. We all love lists, or at least some of us do. I am

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