Randy Hain Book Review

The sooner professionals ask questions about how to balance excelling at work with meaning in life the sooner real life begins.  I believe Randy’s book and his insightful interview format will help others more easily and wisely address this significant life challenge of meaning.  By peering into the lives of professionals who have sought meaning in life, others can learn how they processed decisions about work/life balance, faith, family and purpose.  Randy has done a great job of helping the

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The Price of Progress

Progress can sometimes cause ugly results. When I saw this tree I was stunned at how deformed it was.  A once beautiful tree was now deformed and almost unrecognizable. Somewhere along the way the city decided to cut out a huge section of this tree to make room for progress.  In this case, the progress was power lines to light up our homes and businesses.  The cost of this progress was an ugly tree. This is probably not a bad

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