A Shoot Sprang Forth

I was at a retreat center recently on a cold, windy drizzly day. I had a raincoat, boots and a sweater but even with all that, I still didn’t want to wander outside too much. The dark colors, broken limbs, dead leaves, gray sky and harsh wind all reminded me of the seeming death in winter. Yet, in reality, things are just sleeping in the winter and spring will come. Green will emerge, grass will grow, the sun will warm

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My Psalm 22

You are For Me When the pit of darkness holds, my dearest and my best; the screams from my heart reach out, from my soul’s unrest. I am ready for your hand, to protect and hold at bay; the evils that surround me now, while my soul is gray. Oh Lord you’ve not forgotten thee, nor disdained my state; Nay you have overcome them all no longer do I wait. Psalm 22 (bolds added) My God, my God, why have

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