Reflecting the Glory of the Son

A beautiful and brilliant “harvest” moon made its mark on North America on September 16, 2016.  Its light was a near pure white.  In Georgia, with no clouds in sight, the moonlight cast defined shadows onto normally darkened ground.

When we experience the moon’s light, we’re actually experiencing the light of the sun….and the moon does its best job of reflecting the sun’s glory when it’s full.

We too are reflections of the Greater light.  We make no light of our own. Like the moon, when we are full “in Him”, we best reflect His glory to those around us.

Darkness around us turns to light when we reflect Him.  Our simple presence brings a sacred light to anyplace we go.  While those around us may not know Him (the source of our light), they can experience Him through our reflection of Him.

This poem was written the morning after the brilliant moon made its mark on my heart and mind.  It’s written from the perspective of the person receiving the Son’s light that you reflect.


Lord, I pray that my friends that know You will fully “be” the reflector of Your light (Your Son) to the world around us and that others reading this may experience the love and grace of Your light reflected onto them.  In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. 

Moon Source

Blazing moon it shines on me.

Night shadows emerge, yes now I can see.

No clouds to cover as light rains pure;

My way now clear, the light secured.


Moon’s light casts from some other great Source

And when moon is full, it casts with such force.

To light up my world where darkness resides

To bring light to men, so evil can’t hide.


I see the moon’s light not knowing its Source,

But make my way as it fills my course.

So thank you dear moon and thank you great Source

Without you so bright, oh death would rejoice.

WGS 9/17/16

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