Riverstone Church

Riverstone Church in Kennesaw, GA has special programs and events that emphasize healing of physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Jesus said, “My Father’s house will be a house of prayer.” At RiverStone we believe that prayer should be our first response, not our last resort. We desire everything we do to be bathed in prayer. To this end, we have a prayer room in the church building that is available for use and we also have activities centered on our belief in the power of prayer. These opportunities include:

  • Night of Healing Prayer
  • FaceDown Prayer Service

Riverstone believe that the most intimate expression of our love for God is worship. We desire our corporate celebration to be a time of great refreshing for everyone involved. Our goal in worship is to glorify God and engage His presence. We sincerely hope that you feel the freedom to worship God the way He deserves- with all of your heart.

We believe that Jesus is the Great Healer. While our world is being devastated by sin and sickness, we have confidence in God and God alone to heal. He has the power to bring life out of death. We desire to see healing take place in our church, our community and in every area of life: the physical, the emotional, the relational and most all, the spiritual. Because healing was central in Jesus’ ministry, we are committed to becoming a Center for Healing. We currently provide the following opportunities to learn about and receive healing prayer:

  • School of Healing Prayer
  • Healing Prayer Services (monthly)
  • Pastoral Counseling

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